As you have come to know by now that we are still in our early ages, still we are also growing soundly, with wider global exposure. We are specializing in mobile app development, web/desktop app development and digital marketing


  • In Dreambolix, each employee is a dreamer, who is passionate about what he does. We love those, who are
  • Eager to take new challenges
  • Open to new technologies
  • Can turn their ideas into reality
  • Takes ownership for projects

We believe that, such a person can do anything, and reach to top in no time.
At Dreambolix, everyone has a say in everything we do. We believe in working together, which in a way leads to growing together.


We love INNOVATIONS. We know value of simple ideas, which have the power to change the world around us. We are always open to innovative ideas. At Dreambolix, we don't cut the wings of new ideas, but instead we nurture them and make it happen. Being a Start-up, our success is tied in to our ability to work together. We're always on our toes, because 'YES' is the only word we say to our clients, which always leads to an opportunity for us to prove ourselves in this digital era.


Interns are awesome. They are eager to grow, and willing sharpens their talent. They go to their limits to prove 'who they are' and 'what they can do'.

Our interns have the opportunity to make big contributions to the business in roles that challenge their creativity and innovation. Though we expect a lot, we give our interns flexible schedules to meet their academic requirements. We generally offer internships to candidates enrolled in college programs that are one semester away from completing their degree.

So if you are willing to join us in our journey to success, drop your resume at We are waiting for you.